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Dr. HUANG Chao/ 黄超
Research Assistant Professor,  Ph.D.,
Department of Industrial and Systems EngineeringThe Hong Kong Polytechnical University, HK, SAR

Research area


Human-machine cooperative driving is expected to be arrived in the near future, how to make human driver and automation systems work together (driving risk, level of authority, etc) is the main objective of this project.

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Autonomous driving is a promising solution for accident reduction, energy improvement and driving performance improvement. Decision-making, path planning, and controller design have been studied for various driving conditions by taking personalization and driving style into account.


Accurately knowing the driver's commands, intention, attention, and physical status (fatigue, distraction, etc) plays an important role in both autonomous driving and semi-autonomous driving.


Recent papers

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Drive-by-Wire (DbW) is one of the recently developed technologies in the automotive industry and s also proven to be a boon for the environment by becoming fuel-efficient, reducing, and improving engine emissions. A series of fault-tolerant control systems have been designed with the aim of safety improvement of the DbW system.

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UAV, as an intelligent system, can be used for parcel delivery,  surveillance, data collection, and so on. The research question is how to manage multiple UAVs to accomplish given tasks in a complex driving environment (hazardous, risky).

  • RI-Sports Seed Project: Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Player Performance Evaluation and Tactical Decision-Making in Racket Sports. (1 Nov 2022 - Now)  
  • STF Fund: A visual reasoning-based approach for driving experience improvement in the augmented reality-assisted head-up display. (1 Jan 2023 - Now)
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